Need-Based Grants & Open Doors Scholarship

Need-Based Grants

GW Law School need-based grants are available to non-transfer JD students who are U.S. citizens, enrolled at least half-time, demonstrate significant financial need, and have not been awarded a merit-based scholarship of $20,000/year or more. GW employees receiving tuition benefits are not eligible for need-based grants.

Financial need is the difference between GW Law School's estimated costs of attendance for the aid year, a student's personal and/or family contribution, the $20,500 Federal Direct Stafford Loan, and any other assistance the student receives.

*For the purposes of the GW Law Need-Based Grant - the estimated family contribution (EFC) uses the financial data you provide via the FAFSA (School Code E00196) as well as the financial data that you and your parents provide via the CSS Profile (School Code 5587) forms in order to derive an institutional EFC.

Your parents, regardless of your age or marital status, must file the CSS Profile form with you if you wish to be considered for the GW Law Need-Based Grant. There are no exceptions to the institutional policy other than for orphans/wards of court, in which case supporting documentation is required. Missing parental data on CSS Profile is the most common cause of delay in our ability to complete a student's financial aid package when the need-based grant is requested. If you are married, then spouse financial data is also required on both the FAFSA and CSS Profile.

The GW Law Need-Based Grant is awarded contingent upon your full acceptance of the Federal Unsubsidized Loan for the specific aid year. The calculation of the need-based grant only covers a portion of a student's unmet financial need. The need-based grant application process is academic year specific, and subsequent year eligibility is not guaranteed.

The Financial Aid Office begins making awards in March for the upcoming academic year. Awards are not offered to an applicant until the admission process has been completed and the student has been admitted to GW Law School. Funds are limited.

Open Doors Scholarship

The Open Doors Scholarship was created to enable extraordinary students with significant financial need to succeed at GW Law. Ten incoming scholars will receive a need-based scholarship of $135,000 ($45,000/year) for full-time students, or $120,000 ($30,000/year) for part-time students, which includes any need-based grants and merit scholarships awarded. Beyond financial funding, your Open Door advisors, Jason Belk, Dean of Students, and Carmia Caesar, Associate Dean for Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion, provide comprehensive programming and resources to support the Scholars. 

Decisions will be made on a rolling basis so early application is encouraged. Applicants who apply by April 1 will hear back no later than April 12. In order to determine your eligibility for need-based scholarships, please complete the three steps for need-based grants. Without verifying your eligibility, your Open Doors application will be considered incomplete. Apply Here.

Students who have received awards equal or greater than the Open Doors scholarship amount are still encouraged to apply. Even though no additional funds would be awarded, the Open Doors program provides valuable support and programming for its recipients.