Outside Scholarship Opportunities

Financial Aid is unique for each student; we encourage you to investigate as many opportunities for funding as possible. At GW Law, some of our students have received funding from sources such as AmeriCorps, local industries, law firms, workers’ unions, garden clubs, etc. Don’t rule out any possible sources.

Search the Internet as often as you can, as new awards appear all the time, and old ones may be discontinued. 

Often, outside scholarships target populations based on region, race, or employer. Check with your local Chamber of Commerce for industries, civic organizations, bar associations, and the like for possible opportunities in your area.

As hard as you may have worked to land one, any outside scholarship or loan is considered “other financial aid,” which is counted against your cost of education for the academic year. If you are applying for a GW Law need-based grant, any other financial aid you receive is subtracted from COA to lower your GW Law unmet need. If, after receiving an aid package from the Law School, you later receive aid from an outside source, your GW aid package must be recalculated. Outside scholarships or loans affect your aid package even if you are only borrowing loans.

Our office has compiled a list of outside scholarships and resources for law students.

Request Access: Accessing the outside scholarship list will have to be approved by the Law Financial Aid Office, which typically occurs within one to two business days. Please complete this Request Form to request access.

Disclaimer: The listing of outside scholarships is for informational purposes only. Inclusion in the listing does not constitute an endorsement by the GW Law Financial Aid Office or The George Washington University. All questions regarding the scholarships listed should be directed to the person or organization providing the scholarship. Neither the GW Law Financial Aid Office nor The George Washington University can guarantee the accuracy or the timeliness of information found at any of the links in the listing.

If you receive an outside scholarship, please have the foundation send the check to:

ATTN: GW Law Financial Aid Staff
George Washington University Law School
Financial Aid Office
700 20th Street, NW
Washington, DC 20052

AccessLex Scholarship DataBank

AccessLex has created a new Law School Scholarship Databank. The Databank includes scholarships for incoming and returning law students, and even some that can be used to pay for degrees prior to a JD, including bachelor’s and master’s degrees; or towards bar study costs. Visit the Databank! 

See the 'Outside Sources of Aid" section on our Types of Aid page for reference.