Brandeis Inn (Monday-Thursday Schedule)

Please note: Although the Brandeis Inn/Section 15 is generally an opt-in section, students who do not opt-in may nevertheless be randomly assigned to it. Assignments to all other first-year sections are entirely random.

Several years ago, in response to requests from a number of students seeking a four-day class schedule, we created an opt-in 1L full-time section (Brandeis Inn) in which classes are held Monday through Thursday, during the afternoons and evenings, with no classes on Friday. Brandeis Inn classes do not begin on any day before noon and end no later than 9 pm.  

There is space for approximately 70 students in the Brandeis Inn.  If more students request Brandeis than we are able to accommodate, we will assign students to the section through a lottery system. 

Full-time students will be assigned to each of the other four full-time sections randomly, and some may also be randomly assigned to the Brandeis Inn.  Full-time students in sections other than Brandeis will have classes Monday through Friday.

The Brandeis Inn request form will be posted here in early June.  


Claire Nelson, JD

"Starting law school is an overwhelming yet exciting time where every decision feels impactful. The decisions you encounter as you enter law school are a taste of what is to come in exams and the professional world: many judgment calls. My best advice for those worried about these choices is to accept it is unlikely anything you learn will make you 100% confident in your choice but that you know yourself well enough to make an educated decision. 

I was really uncertain when I opted into Brandeis but it turned out to be the best thing I could have done for myself. I decided to opt into Brandeis because I knew I was more of a night person and I wanted to utilize my Fridays for studying. I enjoy the diversity of experiences Brandeis brings because you have several first-year classes with the Jay Inn, all of whom work in various fields. I also find that this schedule allows me to enjoy my mornings by going for a run, spending time outside, or catching up on chores. These things seem simple but I've found that law school requires you to keep a somewhat structured schedule in order to sustain behaviors that make you successful. 

With all this in mind, I hope you move forward with confidence in yourself and your decisions as you have already done one of the hardest parts of the process – getting into law school."

Bianca Burns, JD

"I think a misconception about Brandeis is that somehow the students placed in this Inn miss opportunities because of the structure of their schedule. Frankly, I've experienced the complete opposite. I've been taught by some of the best professors that GW has, I've been able to attend any academic or extracurricular event (either in person or via recording) and still had plenty of time to study and have personal time. Because of the Brandeis schedule, there is ample time to study in the mornings and afternoons, as well as meet professors during their office hours. The culture of Brandeis is friendly and open. Some of the most successful and driven people I've met at GW were in Brandeis, especially because Brandeis is mixed with Jay Inn (or part-time) students."

Deepti Bansal, JD

"Starting law school, I was unsure of whether I should opt-in to the Brandeis program or try my chance at a different Inn. I decided to opt-in because I figured having evening classes would allow me to use my mornings for studying and my Fridays free to do extracurricular activities or travel on long weekends (which came in handy as I probably went out of town at least once a month thanks to the Brandeis Inn schedule and planning my out-of-state wedding). Looking back, I am so glad to have been in Brandeis Inn because it really helped me be successful in my first year of law school, which as you will hear, is the most important year of law school. Brandeis's class size is considerably smaller than other Inns, which makes it a hidden gem of opportunities-- more time in office hours with professors, less competition in participation, and closer, more collegial relationships with your Inn classmates. Even though I came from a state public school where I was used to having class sizes in the 200s, being in Brandeis gave me the feeling of being in a liberal arts-type program with all the benefits of a big school like GW. I am also not a very competitive person and the type of people in the Brandeis Inn tend to be the same which creates a really collaborative environment such that you can make close friends and also learn from one another. The schedule of Brandeis also is enticing to a number of GW's best professors who often have prominent roles both in and outside of the school such that I got really lucky to be taught by the cream-of-the-crop at GW. In regard to schedule, people, professors, and learning opportunities I really can't imagine a better Inn than Brandeis."