If you wish to withdraw from GW Law, please complete this Withdrawal Form.​ We will not withdraw you until we receive the form. A subsequent confirmation will be sent to you.

As listed in our academic Bulletin (Withdrawals and Refunds section), the table of withdrawal charges is pasted below for your reference. These charges only apply to those that withdraw after July 25, 2024 and are percentile charges of your full fall semester tuition. Please note that this does not include your non-refundable deposits or merit scholarships, which are automatically revoked. In addition, recipients of federal student loans may be subject to a pro-rate calculation of the loan funds which GW Law must return to the U.S. Department of Education. Withdrawn students may owe the University a resulting balance once scholarships are revoked and loans returned. For questions, please contact the Law School Financial Aid Office to discuss the impact of a withdrawal.

Tuition Refund Policy

Please note that the University's tuition fee policy may be found under the Withdrawals and Refunds section of The George Washington University Law School Bulletin:

Tuition Fee Policy for the First Year Law Program (not including non-refundable deposits):  

Withdrawal Period Refund Percentage
Withdrawal prior to the last Friday in July (by 11:59pm Thursday) 100%
Withdrawal prior to the first day of the student’s scheduled orientation (by 11:59pm the day before) 90%
Withdrawal from the first day of the student’s scheduled orientation through the first week of the first-year law student classes of the semester (by 11:59pm Sunday) 75%
Withdrawal from the start of the second week of the first-year law student classes through October 5 (by 11:59pm on October 5) 50%
Withdrawal after October 5 (beginning 12:00am on October 6) 0%


Merit scholarships are automatically revoked in full with payment required, starting from the semester from which the recipient withdraws, takes a leave of absence, or transfers between the full and part-time programs. After all tuition and federal aid adjustments, the full revocation of the merit scholarship will require repayment from the student and may result in a balance due from the student to the University. It is imperative that students with a merit scholarship discuss the financial impact of withdrawing prior to the end of the semester with a representative of the Law School Financial Aid Office.

Note: The Student Accounts Office will post these charges to your Student eBill, which can be accessed through GWeb.  Since they do not mail paper bills, we recommend adding an alternate email address so you can access the eBill after your withdrawal. Click here for additional details. 

Additional Information